Windows Technical Preview

Ok, I’ve installed the Windows 10 technical preview as an upgrade to my previous Windows 8 Laptop.

Here are my first impressions:

– Setup went went smoothly.
— Setup sets up the OS
— Setup sets up Apps
— Setup sets up a “few other things” (literally, this is the message on screen while it does stuff)
– Windows comes up and sets some more things up … yes, lets set up all the things!
– Joe Belfiore needs a haircut.

So far, not a huge difference from Windows 8 from what I can tell, but it’s running smoothly so far without issue.

The “Windows start menu is back” is simply for people too lazy to press the windows key to get to the desktop in Windows 8. The functionality is reversed so that the desktop comes up first, and you can click to get the metro start menu.

I’ll update over the next few days if/when I encounter issues with this new OS.


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